Kimberly Lighting is the recipient of the 2016 prestigious Johnson Controls Sustainability Award.

Johnson Control Sustainability Awarded to Kimberly Lighting, LLC.
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Kimberly Lighting is delighted to announce that we are a proud recipient of the prestigious 2016 Johnson Controls Sustainability Award.

Our extensive work with outfitting multiple Johnson Control facilities with our LED products has earned us recognition by the industrial giant as a sustainable, quality company with superior products and excellent customer service.  Pictured above is our Managing Partner (Doug Jenkins) and our Project Manager (Tom Mannino) accepting the Sustainability award from the elite VP’s of Johnson Controls.

We have not only improved the quality of lighting but have also saved Johnson Controls hundreds of thousands of kilowatts hour in energy, resulting in colossal savings!

If we can do that for a corporation like Johnson Controls, think of the difference in quality lighting and energy savings we could do for you!

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