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What is Kimberly 360?

Enlighten 360 Kimberly LED

Kimberly 360
Kimberly 360

 Kimberly 360, the complete LED service to simplify the buying, installation and cost recovery process.

We handle all of the assessments, projected savings, shipping, installation and recycling of your conventional product, saving you time, stress and money. Trust our professional, dedicated staff to expedite each part of our Kimberly 360 turnkey service, letting you get back to what you do best!

One complete solution

for all your LED Lighting needs.

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Site Assessment: site-assesment

Conduct on-site or blueprint read analysis and assessment of current lighting to establish a current state cost. The analysis includes;

  • Current luminaries and ballasts used (total Count and Wattage)

  • Hours of Operation

  • kWh usage and cost

  • Carbon Emission Reduction

  • Acres of Trees Saved

Within the analysis we discuss lighting needs for use to determine color temperature, color rendering index, spread and foot candle requirements. This process gives you an unequivocal experience and offers multiple options and choices to best suit your lighting needs as well as increasing savings on products and utilities.

TurnKey chart LED savings

kimb-icon-00cc00-transFinancial Analysis / Quote:finance

In this step we take the input from Site Assessment and develop a full financial analysis that includes Return-On-Investment, Payback and Accumulated Savings. Included within the quote are the LED products being recommended for replacement, their wattage and the future state KwH usage. To further the analysis we compute estimated install cost, estimated labor savings (due to less need to change bulbs) and estimated replacement savings  (LED bulbs last linger than fluorescent or CFL bulbs).  This provides full business case / financial analysis for the sales representative and customer to utilize. As a final step we provide quotes for both a purchase product and install scenario and a leasing (Shared Saving) scenario. Within this step Kimberly Lighting, LLC, has developed a proprietary estimating tool that reduces the likelihood of error, improves productivity, allows for scenario analysis and generates quotes and graphs for the sale representative and customer.


kimb-icon-00cc00-transFinancing & Rebates:rebates

Following the signing of a Quote we work with a variety of financing companies to obtain lease rates for customers allowing them to lease the products and services as an option to a straight out purchase. The quoted lease rates are targeted to be less than the quoted savings which provides the customer a compelling value proposition to sign and buy / lease. In this step we also compute local utility rebates, federal, state and local rebates and factor those items into the leasing option. Customers can option to use their own leasing company.


kimb-icon-00cc00-transInstall and Recycle:install-and-recycle

In this step of the life cycle Kimberly Lighting, LLC, delivers the products to the customer designated location and coordinates with the electrician / installer on behalf of the customer. Due to our extensive experience in the lighting industry, Kimberly Lighting, LLC, has licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractors nationwide to call upon for professional installation. This contracting approach aids in reducing our overhead costs resulting in abundant savings for you and minimal disruption for your workplace.

Kimberly also offers recycling of existing fixtures so you may rest easy knowing that the appropriate measures are taken to make the process as green as possible, saving tons of rubbish from landfills and keeps harsh metals out of underground water sources.

Before and after LED

kimb-icon-00cc00-transRepair and Replace:repair replace

In this final step Kimberly Lighting, LLC, stands by a standard 5-year warranty on all products and components.  The current repair and replace rate is less than 2% making this a low risk area.

Choose Kimberly for all of your lighting needs, as our vast experience, commitment to customer service and streamlined process is designed to make the transition to efficient lighting seamless.


5-year warranty on all products and components



Call Now to setup an Energy Analysis

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